About ShopBuyName.com

ShopBuyName.com was built from the ground up with the idea that Shopping should not be as difficult as it is today.

The Mission of ShopBuyName.com is to simplify the shopping experience and Social Register with ShopBuyName.com Today for Free at http://shopbuyname.com !!

For the Consumer

“Social Shopping is changing the way we purchase goods in a BIG WAY. ShopBuyName.com (SBN) will prove to save you time through the use of a one-stop on line capability and allow you to experience tools that are not available elsewhere.

Whether you are on-line with Friends, Family or at a shopping location where you used social options to connect, it’s almost always better to shop, having complete flexibility to share with others, rather than all by yourself.

At ShopBuyName.com, you will experience a social shopping website that works for you and allows you to shop at a variety of companies that you will normally use, while providing you with total control and enjoyment at home or anywhere using Wi-Fi technology.

ShopBuyName.com also allows you the capability of providing you with notifications and reminders of Holidays, events and gaming options, along with Specials and Discounts based on your preferences. The best thing is that this program will allow you with significant rewards as you make your on-line purchase. Give us a try and we know you will be more than satisfied.”

For the Company

Reaching out to your ideal consumer is a difficult task for any Company. There are hundreds of systems out there that will charge a Good Penny for Advertising with a promise that they will bring the customer to you based on their experience and reach into social media and trending information.

The problem with this is that, users that, at the time, are on social media have No Interest in your Products and Services since they did not go to the social media sites for the purpose of shopping in the first place!! So, as a Company you ask, what can ShopBuyName do for YOU!!

ShopBuyName.com is dedicated to its registered Companies to insure that the task of reaching out to your loyal consumers and getting their products in front of the shopper that Enjoys and Follows their goods and services.

The Purpose of consumers logging into ShopBuyName.com is to make purchases so now your company is advertising to consumers that ARE interested in buying your Products and Services. Furthermore, with the introduction of social media, ShopBuyName.com has integrated a Proprietary SBN Social Network along with Facebook, Linked-In, Linked-In, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and we have designed our platform to expand with any social network as the social shopping world grows and evolves. So, Company, are you ready to put your Advertising dollar to work for you with ShopBuyName.com?

Go to http://shopbuyname.com to sign up and begin selling to the Consumer that Enjoysyour Products and Services and Shares them with Friends and Family Today!!


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